The issue of Personal safety of ourselves and properties in our world is in its pick these days in our society.

The nation can be said to be a 100% free from one form of a security breach or the other. While in some countries concerted effort has been made to create personal security awareness to their citizenry,.the case is quite different in other countries.

Unfortunately, the latter is even the ones that are bearing the brunt of the alarming disregard of the sanctity of human lives; and where Governments seems to be at a loss on how to tackle this problem.

This page is created to share with the world what we should know about the threat facing this world from the myriad of terrorist activities prevalence in our society, and how we could help ourselves to become security conscious. 

The page is not created by an all-knowing super-master sitting in the console of the computer screen dishing out solutions to these intractable societal ills, but a platform for readers to contribute and inform others of all needed information and newly developed technology to advance this cause

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