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My Pearl of inestimable value

My Pearl of Inestimable Value

Out from its obscurity in this Silence Dawn,
emerged an invisible Cruelty, gabbed in
terminal robe;
Stealthily descended upon this blissful abode:
the habitation of ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’

With its fangs snarling in a murderous fury,
and its claws drew out tigerishly;
and in this pale dawn of our Lord’s Day:
this ageless Cruelty, in a vengeful gale,
snatched away ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’

There now lies a deep dark pulsating emptiness,
on the stable, where ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’ had rested,
gnawing painfully at the heart of those who once
cherish and relish the Pearl’s splendor

I have lost ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’
Snatched away by the ageless Cruelty
prowling infinitely in time and space;
visiting homes with tears and sorrows:
A painful reality of life’s mortality

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in with the angelic throngs in a fairer realm

In with the Angelic Throngs in a Fairer Realm

As gust flips over chaff;
our mortal page turns over
in a flip when the bell tolls for
whom so ever it would

While mortals mourn and grieve;
in a mansion fairer than ever imagined,
a throng in celestial glory, adorned
in flouncing Seraphic robes emerged

Sent forth from the King of glory;
seated on a Throne of Majestic splendor,
whence flows a blue sparkling stream,
infinitely cascading down to a Pearly gate

Gallery Images of Jesus and all his disciples.

that slides open to admit a saintly soul;
borne, not by the ageless Cruelty
that had erroneously snatched
‘My Pearl of Inestimable value’

But by a throng of an Angelic host;
with a melodious rendition of 
Hymns and Psalteries as they
marched down a thoroughfare 
paved with Pearly ‘dust’ into the 
presence of him that seated on the 
Throne of glorious splendor

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Sweet Memories Linger


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We all had good times and bad times. I had mine when I lost a loved one some years past. I have gone over the pain. Recently, I reflected on that moment and how I put my thoughts into lyrics then. Here were my thoughts in lyrics.

Sweet memories of years gone by
Assails my thoughts these days,
They were memories of fishing,
Of farming, and of salting farming;
Of so many things to say.
But above all, is the memory
Of the one who called me, ‘son.’

It is a sweet memory that lingers.
It follows me everywhere.
The love and joy it gives
Is evergreen.
Sweet memory lingers.

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I recall memories of the camps,
The fishing settlements and huts;
The rivers and the sea, as constant friends.
The toy boats and the mud,
Where we ran and played.
But above all, is the memory
Of the one who called me, ‘son.’

How could the past be in the present?
How could I touch, smell and feel
All those things which only lingers now
In the past’s memory.
Of the things, I love so much.
But above all, is the memory
Of the one who called me, ‘son’.

It is a sweet memory that lingers.
It follows me everywhere.
The love and joy it gives
Is evergreen.
Sweet memory lingers.

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The Blurring Shadow of the Past

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For a million years of history

Lays the foundation of humanity

It’s laid in unending pages of

Decaying and, sometimes rusty

Relics hinging on treacherous foils


The past tells the story of our life

It reveals the errors and success made

Hanging to the past would result to

Discouragement and fear, hatred, and dismay

For the past littered with the stories of

What we should have better let go

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The future is the hope for a better t’moro

It’s the aspiration and the way to a greater height;

And a glory that is attainable when pursued,

That pales the past to an insignificant blurry dream:

The future expands to infinite possibilities

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It is the success of past failure

The attainment of the lessons learned

It is the vision we set and twigs to build

Our dreams to come to reality

Dreams realizable only in fairy climes

Yet we bring to our new world order


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The Success Highway

The Success Highway

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Like a blank page before a writer

The way opens to the wayfarer

On his earthly voyage through life

His defined goal in life; to make

the success of his life while time last:

Never knowing People United are

reaching everywhere

How does he define success in life?

What measures the scale of success in life?

To attain worthy contentment;

But the success he attains at a point

Starts a new phase of this unending

Labyrinth of the pilgrim’s voyage

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Life isn’t playing fair to him, he’d argue

For the path to success is slippery as an eel

And they strew his way with thorns and briers

While snares litter every turn of the way;

For many are the foes striving for every crown:

Yet people united are reaching everywhere

But he would, like a flint set his gaze on his goal

Taking every obstacle for encouragement

And every fault as a lesson learned

For success comes to him who defies

All odd and never quit when others would

and in unity he could reach everywhere

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He smiles at his travails, and they are many

Yet he doesn’t slack on his set purpose;

For in the gloom he sees a silver lining:

of sanitly people are united  reaching everywhere

even to him.

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In the rumbling’s Midst and Lightening: He Arose.

In the Rumbling’s Midst and Lightening: He Arose.

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In that dark cloudless starry night

When mortals lay in their bed

And the rock cracked under the

Weight of the freezing snow


In Calvary mount, the sentries stood

Their fire could not melt the frosty night air;

Teeth clanking they stood: watching the

Sealed sepulcher where the lamb  laid

Golgotha Stone in Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Israel Stock Photo - 50757871

Then in a blaze of lightning, the earth shook

And the heavens open as celestial hosts

Descended upon the serene luster hill:

Their hymns and psalteries in seraphic melodies

Drowsed the sentries into a stupor


The earth quaked, and the hill shook

In response to the intense presence

Of the heavenly beings in mortals thoroughfare

Rolling asunder the impregnable seal on the sepulcher


In the lightning’s midst and Rumbling; He arose

He arose from the depth of death eternal captivity;

To vanquish death and its slavery hold on mankind

Alleluia! He arose; him to whom death could not hold captive

He arose to redeem the saints to their fair heavenly Mansions