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Who will Turn The Wheel?

Who will turn the wheel?

Who will turn the wheel back

on course to where peace and

tranquility would once again return

to our shores?

For what I can see now is the wheel

turned on to a precipice of ruin and

and desolation, wedged on with an

impregnable rock and set on an


Who can turn our nation, Nigeria,

back onto our normal course where

we cherish our love to one another,

without fear and intimidation across

our ethnic and religion frontier?

I can see our land covered in a mist

and gloom shadows of hatred and

distrust; where once closely knitted

neighbors have turned bitter foes

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Who has done this to us? Who has

placed this curse on us, broken our

bond of brotherhood, and turned

us to bitter rival, where we now

pride in murder and mayhem, without

the blinking of the eye?

Our land is weeping for the blood

of the innocent killed; our nation

is bleeding with the blood of innocent

children, dripping down the gullies

and thoroughfare

Traditional houses on the Nun River in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The Niger Delta, West Africa. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Mothers are weeping for their lost

children’ and the children turned orphans

as their parents are hewed down by a

marauding fiendish apparitions gabbed

in human robe; doubling widows across

the land

The sound of weeping and wailing are

heard in every home and hamlet

Our cities are turned into theater

of a macabre dancing where no

one is sure when the dark starry

night will turn to a bloody full-moon night

Who will; who can, who is going to

turn the wheel and guide us from this

precipice of gloom to a ray of hope?

My Pearl of inestimable value

My Pearl of Inestimable Value

Out from its obscurity in this Silence Dawn,
emerged an invisible Cruelty, gabbed in
terminal robe;
Stealthily descended upon this blissful abode:
the habitation of ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’

With its fangs snarling in a murderous fury,
and its claws drew out tigerishly;
and in this pale dawn of our Lord’s Day:
this ageless Cruelty, in a vengeful gale,
snatched away ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’

There now lies a deep dark pulsating emptiness,
on the stable, where ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’ had rested,
gnawing painfully at the heart of those who once
cherish and relish the Pearl’s splendor

I have lost ‘My Pearl of Inestimable Value’
Snatched away by the ageless Cruelty
prowling infinitely in time and space;
visiting homes with tears and sorrows:
A painful reality of life’s mortality

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in with the angelic throngs in a fairer realm

In with the Angelic Throngs in a Fairer Realm

As gust flips over chaff;
our mortal page turns over
in a flip when the bell tolls for
whom so ever it would

While mortals mourn and grieve;
in a mansion fairer than ever imagined,
a throng in celestial glory, adorned
in flouncing Seraphic robes emerged

Sent forth from the King of glory;
seated on a Throne of Majestic splendor,
whence flows a blue sparkling stream,
infinitely cascading down to a Pearly gate

Gallery Images of Jesus and all his disciples.

that slides open to admit a saintly soul;
borne, not by the ageless Cruelty
that had erroneously snatched
‘My Pearl of Inestimable value’

But by a throng of an Angelic host;
with a melodious rendition of 
Hymns and Psalteries as they
marched down a thoroughfare 
paved with Pearly ‘dust’ into the 
presence of him that seated on the 
Throne of glorious splendor

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The Sun sunk behind a diamond-clad horizon

Though it was a Sunset in Noonday, its brilliance, and touches of warmth will ever be with us. Though the clouds cover you on the 11th of June 2018, you will ever be in our memory.

The Sun Sunk Behind a Diamond Clad Horizon

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Two score years down the ages,
the day was just like the one before;
the Sun rose in a solemn brilliance
just like the day before, but with a
peculiar aura: beaming with an infectious

Thus attracting everyone and everything
on its path with a captivating sensuality,
as it sails through space in the span of its
voyage, its brilliance sprouting hope and trust
to everyone attached to its rays

But midway on its voyage, the sun took a dip;
gliding like a meteor, blazing a trail adorned
in anguish, grief and broken expectations as it
clawed its way to the faraway earthly horizon
Stupefied populace glued unblinkingly at the
sudden display

And the sun sunk behind a diamond-clad horizon;
leaving behind, a thick, pulsating silence that seemingly,
,to envelop a riotous world

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