The topic of Eternity is as infinite and timeless as the eternity itself, meaning that there is no compact understanding of how we can define ETERNITY.

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But for purpose of this study, we will attempt to look at some Authorities to help us understand what eternity means, and what its implication it has for the believers in particular, and the human race in general.
In doing so, we will start our study today by looking at: 
(i) The definition of eternity; 
(ii) How believers understand eternity, 
(iii) How to obtain a righteous eternity, 
(iv) The hindrances to obtaining such, and 
(v) The Reward of the believers’ eternity.
DEF: So, we will start today’s study by looking at the definition of eternity:-
1. A time without an end;
2. State after death;
3. The time that seems without end.
Meaning the quality or state of Eternity:
a. Having no beginning and no ending—God.
b. Existing at all-time- forever the same. True, unchanging
c. Lasting forever.
Having everlasting or infinite duration, e.g. how long can human, or any living thing live or stay alive? There is a time limit-duration; but God lives –eternal-from everlasting to everlasting.
From the above definition, we could see that eternity means endlessness – forever, and everlasting, infinite. The only being, thing, personality, that has that quality is God.

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So, having known the attribute of God to be of eternal, the believer must understand God to be forever, and everlasting. 
(a) He has been from the beginning, which is infinite, and lives forever; an everlasting father. (Isa. 9:6)
(b) He lives in eternity and will bring this understanding to the heart of those with contrite Spirit- the believers (Isa. 57:15)
(c) Christ came to reconcile a world gone astray so we can also become eternally united with God. (1Ti. 1:16-17)
(d) God created Heaven and earth when nothing existed. He is from the beginning and has prepared us to be with Him also forever and ever. (Heb. 10-14)
(e) We as believers are born again not with a corruptible seed, but with the blood of Christ; thus we are with God through Jesus Christ, and living in eternity (When God created man, He said ‘Let us make man in our images’ though he was made from the dust, God breathed His Spirit into him and man become a living soul.)

At this point, if we are really sons and daughters of God, we should realize we are of God and living in eternity with God.
(a) The first step for anyone to begin to walk with God, having realized that He lives in eternity is to believe in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (John 3:14-21)
(b) We need to search the scripture for us to have this understanding to live in eternal life with God. (5:39)
(c) We should forsake the love of this world if are to walk in eternal life –love not the world’ what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul…’ (Mark 10:19)
(d) Let us not look at the physical things we see and possess, but our focus should be on spiritual; the things we see are temporal but the invisible thing is eternal.
Having this understanding of eternity or eternal life, why do we still war in our conscience against the word of God and Spiritual life? Here are some reasons, Independent; Deceived; Faint Heart, and Selfish. These are not totally exclusive but they are a foundation to most of the battles confronting the believer.

We will look at the hindrances and reward of eternity in our next study.

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