Don’t Talk ‘About The Good Ol’ Days’

Don’t Talk About, ‘The Good old Days’

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I heard it said so often, ‘The Good old days”.
Though, I have not heard people saying much
about the evil of the present days;
I have had a taste of both the old and new days:
I will want to see the criteria of measuring.
I am much of these new days as I was of the old.
I have seen and heard about the evil of the old.
Whatever we are seeing today is a refinement of the old.
And so if they are a refinement of the old,
Then I could just imagine how crude was the old.
I have seen and heard about wars being fought then
In a grand and with unimaginable cruelty,
With barbaric passion of bloodletting then;
Men soaked in blood like butchers in an abattoir:
Being the release of diseased heart, of men of old.
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I have seen and heard of the natural disasters of old,
that could not be controlled, or the people warned?
I have heard and seen the evidence of people forced
out of their homes and sold off like spoiled garbage as slaves.
I have heard about the whole nation wiped off in the fury of men of old.
Who is there to talk about the good old days?
When I will wait for a month to get a reply to my letters,
When I have to travel for twelve hours for a journey,
of one hundred and fifty kilometers, just to buy grocery.
These are not the best of days but it refines them of the old

Uuh No! Not These Dreams Again


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How garrulous is the man’s heart?
Full of thoughts that makes no sound
it’s always rambling; thus the thoughts talk
Even when there is none there to talk
Ruminating on things past
Juggling on things yet to come
Can anyone control the juggling thoughts?
To be silent for once in a while
I’ll go to bed and sleep it off
But it goes out when I sleep off
Unto a world yet unknown
Finding faces of people yet unknown
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Unto a world of dread and danger
Unto a world of bliss and joy
Thus returned to the body drear and weary
Or of elation lost in dream
Don’t live in a world conjure in dream
 They are abstract known only in dream
They come with hope lost in misery
And a world lost in fantasy
Build dreams in thoughts while awake
Plans and goals sets that are attainable
Thoughts and plans made with a clear aim
Be the master of your thoughts to control