The Success Highway

The Success Highway

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Like a blank page before a writer

The way opens to the wayfarer

On his earthly voyage through life

His defined goal in life; to make

the success of his life while time last:

Never knowing People United are

reaching everywhere

How does he define success in life?

What measures the scale of success in life?

To attain worthy contentment;

But the success he attains at a point

Starts a new phase of this unending

Labyrinth of the pilgrim’s voyage

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Life isn’t playing fair to him, he’d argue

For the path to success is slippery as an eel

And they strew his way with thorns and briers

While snares litter every turn of the way;

For many are the foes striving for every crown:

Yet people united are reaching everywhere

But he would, like a flint set his gaze on his goal

Taking every obstacle for encouragement

And every fault as a lesson learned

For success comes to him who defies

All odd and never quit when others would

and in unity he could reach everywhere

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He smiles at his travails, and they are many

Yet he doesn’t slack on his set purpose;

For in the gloom he sees a silver lining:

of sanitly people are united  reaching everywhere

even to him.

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