The Blurring Shadow of the Past

gray concrete post tunnel
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For a million years of history

Lays the foundation of humanity

It’s laid in unending pages of

Decaying and, sometimes rusty

Relics hinging on treacherous foils


The past tells the story of our life

It reveals the errors and success made

Hanging to the past would result to

Discouragement and fear, hatred, and dismay

For the past littered with the stories of

What we should have better let go

alley architecture building city
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The future is the hope for a better t’moro

It’s the aspiration and the way to a greater height;

And a glory that is attainable when pursued,

That pales the past to an insignificant blurry dream:

The future expands to infinite possibilities

person wearing vr goggles
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It is the success of past failure

The attainment of the lessons learned

It is the vision we set and twigs to build

Our dreams to come to reality

Dreams realizable only in fairy climes

Yet we bring to our new world order


architecture bridge brooklyn bridge buildings
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