And The World Moves On

In one brief Moment;

a moment as if it were

just a second, but then, it was

like an eternity in the ever-spinning

motion of the earth, the world paused

to wait on Nigeria, hoping she’d be able

to draw in an aura of hopefulness into existence


From North to South, and East to West

The nations in the earth paused to listen;

world leaders had their talks held midway,

and the commoners halted their walks on

the subway: they are all listening to the

sound and sight coming out from Nigeria.


The sound was ominous and the sight gory.

That surely, was not what they had expected to hear,

and definitely not what they had hoped to see;

like a nation under an evil spell, she’d plunged

herself deeper into an abyss of self-delusion,

contemptuously, goaded on by a senile ideology,

had  called the world cautions a bluff

She had slid into a slippery path of arrogance

and garbed herself with a robe of contempt

in the committee of civilized democratic nations,

and decided to take a gloom and doomed thoroughfare;

while the populace mourn and gnash their teeth,

wailing hopelessly for their robbed refreshing breath


How could they get through another stretch,

with their life marooned in a desolate sublimity,

while the world moves onto a higher trajectory?

Yet there are those that will not in any way be able

to tell, one way or the other, which their country swings;

they had paid the supreme prize, hoping they were

on a worthy cause.






In Times Like These




In times like these,

when your life’s way

is clouded with uncertainty;

and the way to go is dreary,

and your foes in ambush lay:

then you need a Guide.

Sail ship in storm sea against heavy sunset clouds Stock Photo - 36302989

A Guide whose light brightens

your path; whose countenance

dreads your foes threats:

a Guide, like a plowshare that

clears the ambush on your part laid.


In times like these,

when your life voyage is

entangled in a slippery haze;

and your part become crooked,

on account of an ensnared maze,

then you need an Anchor.


An Anchor that grips,

firmly on a rocky bed;

that holds you firm on your

desired part, and straightens out 

that crooked and mazy way.


In times like these,

when storms like billows Roll,

and you got caught up

in a whirlpool of fading dreams:

and the world holds you in reproach,

then you need a Bible.


The Bible is the word of God,

the words therein are succor,

stilling the raging tempest;

making bold the weak,

and Comfort to the weakling soul.


In times like these,

when the storm is over

and the shore you sigh.

when hope and joy floods your soul;

and the throngs of worldly applause you beholds,

then you need a savior.


A savior on whose wings

you will be safely bored through,

lest at the point of exultancy,

you trample upon the word;

severing the chord to the Anchor

upon which your guides lead.


In Time Like these: Function of The Blood Of Jesus. Pt 2

 In Times Like These: The Blood Of Jesus Pt 2

Having to stay awake to the early hours of this morning, wondering what would become of the election coming up today, I was all fuggy and dreamy in the course of the whole day.

 This apprehension was as a result of the pulsating atmosphere over the nation from the threats and drums of war that was coming out from the various political actors.

For those that could not go out to vote, for whatever reason, glued to their TV sets as news filtered in from the field; It was a theatre of war. The election has never been this bloody in the history of Nigeria.

Illustrative photo please: The death of a student in the 2019 elections has become a viral conversation. The deceased Daniel Usman was reportedly shot by gunmen yet to be identified. [Nigerian Eye]

From North to South, East to west, but most especially in the south, the blood of young men dripping down the waterfront mingling with the salt water in the sea, brought an emptiness into my bowel and I imagined what I have written yesterday about the worth of blood and how we ignorantly waste our youths’ blood without the slightest provocation.

 And with the loss of over 15 people in a day of the election, the Government of Nigeria had not deemed it fit even to acknowledge the loss of those precious souls.

So now, let’s consider the importance of the Blood of Jesus Christ, in continuation of where we left out yesterday.

  1. The Function of the Blood of Jesus Christ: Lev. 17: 11 “For the Life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the alter to make an atonement for your soul; for the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”. KJV

Yesterday, I was talking about what blood is all about; its importance to our lives. We also examined the blood of Jesus Christ and how it gives us a celestial link and keeps the believer spiritually alive.

In today’s blog, I will try to outline the function of the blood of Jesus as it relates to the body of Christ (Christian).

  1. It Shelters the Believer (Ex. 12:13 “And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are: and when I see the Blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt.
  2. It Remits sin. ( Matt. 26:28)
  3. It gives life to those who consume it (John 6:53, “Then Jesus said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you”.
  4. It causes us to dwell in Christ. (John 6:56)
  5. It is the means by which Jesus purchase the Church. (Act. 20:28)
  6. Our atonement by faith. (Rom. 3:25)
  7. It justified us and saved us from the wrath of God. (Rom 5:9)
  8. It redeemed us. (Eph.1: 7; 1Peter 1:18-19; Rev. 5:9.)
  9. Brings those that are far from God to Him. (Eph.2:13)
  10.  It gives us forgiveness of sin. (Col.1:14)
  11. It brings peace and reconciles us to God. (Col 1:20)
  12.  It cleanses our conscience from dead works (Heb9:14)
  13. It helps us to obtain eternal redemption. (Heb. 9:12)
  14.  It is the means by which we enter the Holy of Holies with boldness (Heb.12: 24)
  15.  It speaks better things than the blood of Abel. (Heb.12:24)
  16.  It sanctifies us. (Heb. 13:12)
  17.  It makes us Complete for every good work. (Heb. 13:20-21)
  18.  It cleanses us from all sins. ( 1John1:7)
  19.  It bears witness in the earth along with the spirit and water. (1John 5:8)
  20.  It is the means by which Jesus washes us. (Rev.1:5; 7:14)
  21.  It is the means by which we overcome the accuser of the brethren (Rev.12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death”.

With all these functions that the blood of Jesus does in our life, we have no option than to say as the songwriter says, “What can watch away my sins; Nothing but the blood of Jesus…..”

In Times Like These

In Times like These

Sitting in the cubicle of my darkly writing Studio, I listened to the sound of the city as reported from the various news houses and from the latest online news of the happenings in the country; and it’s really not pleasant news: quite frightening.

I can’t understand how we got to this bestial level in Nigeria that life has become so cheap that when you hear that 20, 10, or even a hundred people are killed or dead, it does not raise any emotion in us.

You just shrugged it off as if it really does not mean a thing. Excuse me; we are talking about the life of a human being, and not some kind of domestic pet or any such thing.

You may not as much as hear any reaction from the Government, and where statements do emanate from the Government, it is about pointing fingers at an opposition political party.

How do we get to this level in the committee of the human race? This is the only country on earth where people are slaughtered by ritualists and no one even bats  eyelid; where a bus load of passengers are herded into the forest and the Police Commissioner or the Inspector General of Police would be sleeping comfortably in their homes and waiting for the Kidnappers to contact the relatives for a ransom before deciding to take any action; that’s if the relations are willing to go back to contact them.

This will be a discourse for another blog, but what I’m worried about today is the brazen neglect of the sanctity of human blood. This palpable dread got to a climax with the general election coming up today, and listening to the threats and counter-threats, and the feeble assurance from the government that it would do its best to making sure to conduct a peaceful poll; we would just have to cross our fingers and pray that no blood would be shed over this election.

That is where my thought flipped open to consider the worth of blood and what it meant to our lives, that someone would, just in the spur of the moment, kill another; shedding the innocent blood they cannot ever understand God’s special formula in its creation.

What then is The Blood?

How will I answer this question that I’ll be able to align you to my train of thought pattern?

 Okay, let’s look at it from this angle. Blood means so many things to different people. Here, I will not attempt to define blood from any known scientific definition, but I will look at it strictly from its Spiritual importance.

And in doing that, I will try to proffer it strictly from my own understanding of its spiritual significance.

 Having said so; that’s it being spiritual, another phrase just popped up into my consciousness; the ‘Blood of Jesus’.

 Saying this will definitely bring so many thought to cross our mind, mostly the believers. To them when the Blood of Jesus in mention, we will be thinking about the Cross, our salvation, our sanctification, Healing, and a whole lot of Spiritual and physical situation of life.

Now back to my question; what is blood; Spiritual, that is.

I will start with what blood is all about, and follow that up with the function of the blood of Jesus; and then, the Believer and the blood of Jesus; and lastly, the power in the blood of Jesus.

  1. Blood Defined Lev. 17:11 “For the Life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your soul; for the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”. KJV

The blood is a chemically complex and usually red fluid that circulates through the vascular system of most vertebrates. It consists essentially of semi-solid corpuscle suspended in plasma. It delivers oxygen and nutrient to all the cell and tissues, distributes internal secretion, while removing waste products, guards against infection, and helps to maintain homeostatic of the organism.

Now, we will agree that blood is a very important component in our body formation, like every other part, but more important than all. This is quite an extensive definition of the blood in the dictionary. It thus implies that blood sustains the life of all living organism.

Can we from the above definition draw an inference to the spiritual attachment of the blood to our soul?

  • Blood of Jesus: John 1:1-4; 9, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2. The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. 4. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men”. Heb. 9:11-18, Ex.12:7,13,22-23

The Blood of Jesus is essentially a different phenomenon altogether. While the blood in him (Jesus) is having the same properties as that of every other blood, its spiritual significance is what makes it unique and gives it the Spiritual quality we will be examining subsequent blogs.

Jesus came into the world in a human form but operated in the Spirit of God. Since it is by the blood everything is made alive; we are made alive in the Spirit by the blood of Jesus Christ which has a celestial life.

 He made a covenant with His Disciples with His blood, commanding them that His blood is celestially alive, and drinking it, would make them become alive in the Spirit with Him. Heb. 9:11-28.

For we should realize that He is forever alive and as long as marked with His blood, we are alive with Him, just as the natural in our body keeps us alive physically

It is therefore worthy to note in this first blog on this topic that, the Blood of Jesus Christ is the celestial lifeline of the believer. It is always living and therefore keeps us alive if we believe.

 That is the whole essence why the Son writer composed this hymn; “Have you being to Jesus for the cleansing power; Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb…

Peace to The World

Can Anyone find the time to ask any of our war veterans what it looks like in the front and their willingness to undertake those adventures if it could be avoided? 

A raiding party of the 10th Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) waiting in nap for the signal to go. John Warwick Brooke, the official photographer, followed them in the sap, into which a shell fell short killing seven men. Near Arras, 24 March 1917.



Oh! Where could I go?

How could I go to, where I have to go?

I tried clutching to my last residual of sanity,

lest I may lose all of my sanity.


Digging into the dusty earth

in this dark grimy night,

the frenzy of the raging battle

was all around the field; whoosh! Whoosh!

flew the murderous shells of death released

upon the mortal soul.

Four Canadian soldiers, sleeping and writing letters in the trenches near Willerval. Night time in the trenches was often a busy time; wiring parties, fatigue parties and raiding parties would all be sent out at night. The day time, therefore, was the time for relaxation and trying to catch a little sleep.

Whirling thoughts of survival

were mere illusions of unstable mind;

locked in the cell of human reasoning.

Thus, we cast away our souls to please a fiendish spirit,

that sucks on the life of the mortal soul.


The dark night sky lightened by the

fiery light of shells and shrapnel,

loosened upon young bleating souls

as in a panel column, by the instrument

of man inventive murderous machines;

transforming men into limbs and sinews.


Every breath gulped were of dirt

and cordite made; chocking the air

on labored lungs, battling also to

keeping us alive, to know if we will

walk out alive from this inferno,

or to be left to desecrate the desert sand.

An officer of the 10th Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) leads the way out of a sap and is being followed by the party. Note shells bursting in the distance. Near Arras, 24 March 1917.

“Attack! Attack!!”Sounded the battle cry.

And like men deprived of reasoning,

and have lost the will to live,

we huddled out from our entrenchment.

Whoosh! Whoosh!! rang the bursting shell

and shrapnel; on this darkly bloody night.


And in that mad frenzy of a battle rush,

war is fought, and the battle won or lost.

Paid for with the blood and soul of youths:

who knew not for what purpose and

sacrifice their souls were called to make;

just to redeem the greed and lust of man

crave for relevance.

British soldiers advancing under cover of gas and smoke.

Who will cry to an uncaring world?

Who will halt the slaughter of our young

generation, while we watched, petrified?

Seized by a demented spirit of blood

sucking vampires attired in mortal flesh,

unleashing to a morally bankrupt world


A satanic ideology upon which nations

have hinged their economic survival,

and Kingdom relevance.


Peace to the world!

For this doth, He comes.

His life a ransom paid.

Peace to the world in this season of Peace.

British troops during the Battle of Morval, 1916

The Gold In The Silence Has Been Desecrated

When I wrote this Poem in 2015, having seen the trend of the new government in Nigeria, and juxtaposing it with what we experienced in 1983 when the present set of leadership was on the control of the affairs of the State, we had warned of the dire consequences that will befall the nation. Fast-forward to 2019; nobody will tell another that we had looked at the coming events in Nigeria from 2015 with crystal glass.

Pure White Winterscapes



What calamity has befallen my people?

The brightness of the days has turned drear.

The freshness of yesterday has become grey;

and an omen of unimaginable proportion has befallen my people:

yet we pretend as if all is well: for there is none that it is all well.


Like the wailing of a child that has lost a loved one,

I cried out before the grey light of down darkened our shores;

that 1983 was not an Eldorado in Nigeria:

in a proportion, the ominous shadow of 2015,

when fully unleashed, would make 1983 a child fair.

Men are gnashing their teeth in need of family sustenance

as each new day have in its wings tales of sorrows,

of pains, and hopelessness of what it tends to deliver.

I could still see and feel the jackboot worn, in the shadow

of the sandal, the maximum Authoritarian is wearing now


Our currency has been desecrated and not worth its paper value,

and the prices of essential goods have plummeted sky high.

Our hopes and dreams of a boosted livelihood

got dashed upon the plate of political exigency.

Why are my people rinsing their faces with spittle at

the bank of the river that is affluent with freshness?


They are been goaded gullibly deeper into an abysmal cauldron,

But what causes this sublimed docility of the people, I paused to ponder;

The depravity inherited from poverty-induced psychic

as a result of decades of oppressive jackboot reign

foisted upon a once noble and enterprising people.

Pure White Winterscapes

They say silence is golden, but when gold has lost its value

It will be a mere tare that will only be valuable on a thoroughfare

We should break our silence to say it the way it ought to be said

Our collective silence is a tacit endorsement of the Dark Age.

The gold in the silence will be trodden upon and desecrated.


The Rythm Of Life

When I wrote this story some 3 years ago, I never envisaged that a time would come in the history of our nation, Nigeria, that an ordinary thing like conducting an election would become  an impossible task; just like almost everything done seemed like an uphill task,  since the new captain of the estate took charge of piloting the affairs of the country.

I would love to read your response to this story and see if I had a foresight of what would become of my beloved country when I wrote this story

March past of Kolkata police - Motorbike rally royalty-free stock photo


I sat at the waterfront, absorbed in looking at the flow of the river as the water cascading down from the mangrove roots in the swamp to join the main body of the river carrying in its wake all the debris and flotsam into the open sea.

Briefly, my attention was caught by a school of fish that came up on the far side of the bank of the river. They were just swimming about, or so it seemed, picking on the dirty that was being carried along by the water.

Tropical fish under ocean wave in sea water Stock Photo - 94102065

They were neither in a hurry nor in anxiety about what nature would bring upon their lives. They swam up and down against the current forming different formation of a drill in a telepathic uniformity without any leader giving out orders or instructions.

Their drilling in military precision brought into my consciousness the activities of human in a similar situation. How could a man be so uniformly organized and act in a perfect harmony of his life and the society without being commanded in a peculiar pattern by a superior?

I sat back at the edge of the jetty watching the display of these aquatic beings as my thoughts strayed. The piper plays his pipe according to the dictate of the one that pays him. The dancer danced to the beat of the drummer.

I just imagined the dance in a burial ceremony I witnessed over the weekend. From dust to down, the drummers were beating their leather instruments and the dancers were wiggling their bodies to the beat, never stopping. When the drums stop the singers also stopped singing so were the dancers.

I looked back at the school of fish. There was neither a beating of drums, nor blowing of the bagpipe, and yet they were performing a very colorful march past in the water. In human life, the military drill is performed to the sound of the martial music from the band. The band beats according to the band commander’s instruction and signal.


The congregation in the church dance in praise and worship according to the songs of the choir, who sing in harmony to the instrumentalists; who in turn, beat their instruments according to the instruction of the conductor.

So life rolls on according to the rhythm of life. Who is controlling the school of fish as they play in the water? Some were so elated that they even jumped out of the water and back in to join their colleagues. That was also their undoing.

All of sudden, and as one body, they dispersed in all direction and dived into the depth of the water. Then I saw the reason. From the sky, a seagull swooped down into the water like an attacking jet fighter. The bird struck the water in one powerful stroke.

For a moment I thought it has impaled itself into the water. Then it came out from the water, dangling one unfortunate fish in its bill and flew toward the closest bank of the river to savor its catch and to satisfy its hunger.

I have been sitting so close to that school of fish and could not do anything to catch them, just thinking how wonderful and secure their lives are, playing in their habitation.

Then from the sky beyond my vision, this gull swooped down and took its pick among the fish to satisfy its hunger.

That struck a chord in me. I remembered my Sunday School lesson. In Matthew 6:25 – 32 which says, “That is why I am telling you to stop worrying about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body what you will wear……….Look at the birds in the sky, they don’t plant or harvest, or gather food into barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. You are more valuable than they are, aren’t you? ….”

I smiled to myself, stood up, picked a pebble and threw it toward the spot where the fish were playing. That bird was well positioned to see the school of fish from the sky.

It positioned itself. Did I just say that? Yes. Position yourself and what happens? That bird was not lying down in its nest among the trees. It was in the sky flying around just as the fish were also playing in the water. Then at the right moment, it swoops down and made a catch.

A blacktip reef shark, Carcharhinus melanopterus, swimming above a school of fish with sunbeams slanting through the blue water background. Uepi, Solomon Islands. Solomon Sea, Pacific Ocean Stock Photo - 15042323

I came down from the jetty and walked along the bank of the river, searching into my consciousness what will one do to position himself.

The sun was almost sinking into the horizon as I walked along, a perfect day for a walk. The wind was blowing in gently from the sea and I was in total tranquility with nature and could become part of the features of the shore.

I came to an opening along the shore where the water has cut out a passage. As I bent to look into the water, I saw a fish idling away at a spot. It was stroking the water with its fins, like an engine revving up, to balance itself, just waiting and paddling against the slow-moving water.

I stood there to watch what it was going to do. Then it exploded in my head like a blow. I winced at the pain of the realization. The fish – and I think it was a tilapia – was in a position. It was not just idling away in the water, it was in a position. What is it in a position for?

The answer came much sooner than I had to wait. From another corner of the small water, a line of shrimps came out, swimming cautiously down the water. I noticed the tilapia pulling back into the shadow of the water. I was going to throw something at the shrimps to alert them, but decided against the instinct, just to see what will happen.

As they got to within a striking distance of the fish, It struck out in a wild splashing of water and mud down the stream. When the water was cleared of the mud, I could not see the fish or the shrimps.

Life is full of opportunities and chances, I said to myself. When you positioned yourself for any opportunity, a chance may come someday and you will have to take it. I turned and walked back to the jetty. This is one healthy and educative day for me. I felt my feet light upon the sand.

The sun was now behind a gray cloud extending from the horizon. I looked at the sky above the river and saw a swamp of bats flying from the mangrove forest across the river into the bush in the mainland. I know about what those bats are going to do. They are going to take a position in the bush for the night against fruits.

These noisome bats reminded me of my childhood days in the village. As kids, we would wake up sometime around 4 AM, and go into the forest in search of mango fruits. We have to go that early if we are to pick any mango. We will take along our bush lamps made up of an empty tin cup with a hole made on the cover with a small pipe passing through.

A piece of cloth is passed through the pipe into the cup filled with kerosene. When you put light on the cloth at the end of the pipe, the kerosene will be feeding the fire and given you light. With this, we will go into the forest to search for mango.

While we were picking up the fruit on the ground, the bats that have swooped into the forest will be busy on top of the trees trying to plug off the ripe fruits. But since they were too big for them, they would just push them to the ground for us to pick. We would be hearing them fighting and struggling among themselves on top of the tree.

Thinking back to those days now, I could understand the symbiotic relationship between those bats and humans, living in natural harmony just being in position at the right time. What an awesome God you are, I said, looking up into the sky where the invisible eye of the Almighty is teaching me His ways to understanding Him.